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WikiHouse is an open source construction system. A global design commons for high-performance, low-energy homes which can be customised, printed and self-assembled. The WikiHouse Foundation is collaborating to put design tools and knowledge into the hands of everyone. There are WikiHouse chapters around the world all forking the WikiHouse project to develop solutions to local and needs. For instance WikiHouseNZ, based in New Zealand, are developing housing for post-earthquake Christchurch.

The project sits within the growing open hardware movement to ‘radically democratise the production of architecture’ and to ‘empower amateurs…we’re moving into [an era] where the factory can be everywhere — and the design team can be everyone.’ In this way, WikiHouse is a product of the ‘third industrial revolution’, a consequence of open design, automation and digital fabrication.

WikiHouse is supported by the WikiHouse Foundation. The Foundation holds the WikiHouse open knowledge in commons, supports the WikiHouse community and promotes the development of high high-performance,  low-cost, locally-manufacturable, sustainable design solutions for homes, infrastructure, neighbourhoods and cities. The Foundation engages with governments, non-profits and private companies to promote citizen-led production worldwide.

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Last updated: 27th of May, 2014

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