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Virtual Songlines

A real-time, first and third-person authentic cultural heritage adventure

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Organisation Twitter: @Guneriboi

  • Community Strengthening
  • Education
  • Audiovisual

Virtual Songlines is a real-time, first and third-person authentic cultural heritage adventure. Using Unity 3D, their mission is to digitally reconstruct over 50 locations across the most populated cities and towns within Australia and in doing so, embed and digitally preserve the cultural heritage of Australia’s first peoples. Inspired by virtual reality, game theory is applied to interactive technology to resurrect feelings of empathy and bring a greater understanding of cultural heritage.

Virtual Songlines presents stunning original 3D landscapes, cultural songlines, engaging historical 3D characters and dramatic soundscapes, and challenges the player to master their environment through adherence to the customs and wisdom of our elders.

Last updated: 02nd of August, 2016

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