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Volunteer fans translate TV programmes, music videos and films using this global TV site.

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The story of Pandaman, the heroic Korean detective who is trying to prevent a criminal gang from taking over the world using a device that controls the brain of anyone who encounters it, might not seem like a promising place to start a global community, sharing knowledge across culture.

But Pandaman is just one of the thousands of television shows from around the world available on Viki, a site where avid fans translate content for other fans who do not speak the language in which the material was made.

So for example, you could watch Eva Luna, a hit soap opera from Venezuela with English subtitles, or the Mermaid, a Japanese cartoon about a boy who falls in love with a mermaid only he can see.

Viki, a play on the words video and wiki, is a global TV site powered by a volunteer community of avid fans who translate material for other fans. Launched in December 2010, Viki has tens of millions of users every month, watching and sharing TV shows, movies, music videos and other content from around the world, translated into more than 150 languages.

With over two billion video streams and more than 320 million words translated to date, Viki brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences and unlocks new markets and revenue opportunities for content owners.

Community members subtitle their favourite videos into their preferred languages under a Creative Commons licence using Viki’s subtitling technology, which enables thousands of fans around the world to collaborate in dozens of languages at once.

Viki is not just about sharing popular entertainment and breaking down cultural barriers. It is also a model to show how communities of fans can help one another across language barriers.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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