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It’s the job of schools and educational establishments to provide our young people with the skills and abilities for the world we live in. The essentials of reading, writing and mathematics are accompanied with creative lessons, physical activity and an understanding of history, culture and life skills. But what about lessons to help us understand the technology that accompanies almost every person in their daily lives? 

Tynker is already working with 23 million children aged 7+ in 20,000 schools across the world to teach them how to code, create their own apps and build their own computer programs. Kids learn to take control of the increasingly technological world around them, giving them an advantage in a future filled with technology and computers.

The online course is available to schools, or to parents to have at home, and continues only at the pace of the child using it. The entire platform is available on the Tynker website and there are even apps available for all major smartphones and tablets. 

Children follow a step-by-step process, made fun with games and activities aimed at their level of progress, and build apps they can use and show others what they have achieved. Each level will see kids build up to 16 different projects and earn points and trophies along the way. 

The real fun begins when Tynker allows children to put their software to the test and use it to control toys, robots and even flying drones. Behind the play, though, is a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics: skills that are vital as the children become adults. 

Tynker was started with $3 million funding and now attracts half a million new sign-ups a month to join the two-million-strong team of regularusers, all made up of children across the globe. 

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Last updated: 09th of October, 2015

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