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TK Reite Notebooks

Digitising local knowledge with simple technology

By TK Reite

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In many rural locations, local knowledge and histories are disappearing through industrialisation and the loss of the younger population to more urbanised areas. 

TK Reiti Notebooks aim to digitise local knowledge with simple and low-cost technologies of the Reiti Village in Papua New Guinea through creating an online living library where knowledge of local practices and living can be saved and shared. 

Within the project there's a toolkit that helps to create paper and digital booklets that allow members of the community to draw and discuss their environment and local customs.

School children and village elders complete these books together, building intergenerational connections and keeping the knowledge alive in the community itself. The digitised versions allow the community to share their culture more widely with the world. 

Last updated: 12th of October, 2015

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