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A single ‘sonic boom’ for advocacy

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Thunderclap is a free tool for activists to amplify the impact of campaign messages by queuing these up to appear across all your supporters’ social media with absolute synchronicity.

Campaigners use the social software to recruit supporters for a cause: 100 people, 200 people – you set the threshold. By signing up, supporters give permission for Thunderclap to automate the time that a campaign message will appear on their Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr feeds – so it appears in as big a blizzard of publicity as is possible to muster in an age of social media.

The software’s developers – engineers, designers and writers – dub it the world’s first ‘crowdspeaking’ platform, pointing out that while the web has made it easier to say something, the resulting ‘noise’ has made it much, much harder to get those messages heard. Whereas old-media advertisers buy up TV and radio airtime to saturate a target audience with their message, Thunderclap lets individuals consciously opt into being a part of that concerted push in an era when we’re all our own broadcaster.

Already two million people have donated their social network ‘reach’ to campaigns hosted by the platform, translating into an audience of 1.5 billion people in 236 countries.

Landmark actions include the March for Innovation, which was the banner under which US tech companies called for immigration reforms that would allow them to attract and keep top talent. It had a social reach of close to 46 million.

The White House used its Now Is The Time to Act campaign, meanwhile, to demonstrate to Congress that there was a huge groundswell of public opinion in favour of tougher gun controls in the wake of the 2012 Connecticut primary school shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead.

Technology commentators have applauded the service for its ‘single sonic boom of advocacy, designed to change the public perception of an issue in a single instant.’ 

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Last updated: 23rd of May, 2014

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