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Business women at Dell's women's entrepreneur network in Istanbul

The Story Exchange

Inspires women to start businesses with video interviews featuring successful female ventures.

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Women are creating businesses at a quickening rate. In the US, women-led start-ups are at the forefront of the recovery. Around the world, women who find their routes to advancement blocked are starting up on their own. For some it is a way to build a business around their passion, for others it is a way to retain greater control over their time and career. Yet women face higher barriers than men: in the US, women seeking first-year financing to get a business off the ground receive about 80% less capital than men.

The Story Exchange was set up by Sue Williams, an award winning documentary film maker, and Victoria Wang, a former banking executive, to help inspire women to start and grow their own businesses, by learning from video interviews with those who have already done it successfully.

The video lessons come from women all over the world and every conceivable business field; from Laura Zander, who turned her knitting hobby into a multi-million dollar business, to Nada Kiblawi, who started life in a refugee camp and now runs an engineering consultancy, and Xiaoning Wang, who is selling Chinese cultural products to the west.

In the age of big data the Story Exchange offers a compellingly simple service, and inspirational and useful advice from successful female entrepreneurs, on the particular challenges and routes to success for women in business. Before the web it would have been virtually impossible to create a global video platform dedicated to a particular clientele and subject in this way.

Image 'Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network 2013 - Istanbul' courtesy of Dell Inc.

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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