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Connecting teachers to resources via text messaging.

By The Ayala Foundation

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Too often children in schools in the developing world find themselves with teachers who have little training, limited resources and few role models for how to make learning engaging. That is why so much schooling is done by rote in classes fit for the 19th century. Many children are at school but learning too little.

Yet many of these under-resourced teachers will have mobile phones. The Ayala Foundation in the Philippines, with support from Nokia, Globe Telecom, Pearson Foundation and Department of Education, has seized upon this as an opportunity to create the Text2Teach programme so teachers can use a basic phone to browse through a directory of hundreds of teaching materials – videos, quizzes, tests, games – which they can order up by text message.

Once the material is delivered it can be played through a traditional television, so the entire class can participate. The Ayala Foundation programme augments a standard teacher with first-class resources by turning a basic mobile phone into a teaching aid. Lessons become more interesting and classes more manageable.

The programme is operating in 812 schools, has trained 4,000 teachers and benefited 78,000 students.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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