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Jon Wallace is a teacher who likes to share: in the two years he has been a member of TES Connect, the 218 worksheets, activities, games and tests he has uploaded have been downloaded nearly 200,000 times by 65,800 teachers in 173 countries. Fortunately for the teaching community (and their students) Jon is just one of hundreds of thousands of ‘big sharers’ who have built an improbably large repository of teaching resources: 667,867 at the time of writing.
For a network of more than 2.6 million teachers, this is a treasure-trove of ideas and inspiration they can draw on while planning their lessons. In fact, some of these resources cover lesson planning itself: a recipe for a ‘five-minute lesson plan’ has recently become something of a meme, popping up in several different versions and in nine different languages. The comprehensive range and quality of these resources is borne out by how much they are used: the site reports an average of 3.7 million downloads every week.

The Times Educational Supplement first launched a website in 1997, which quickly began providing basic discussion forums for ‘early adopter’ teachers. As the technology – and the user base – developed, the forums started to be used to share resources. Led by their users’ initiative, TES set up a simple ‘resources bank’ system in 2006, whose popularity made it an obvious step to improve and polish into the first incarnation of TES Connect, launched in 2008.

With partner sites in the US, India and Australia, and a membership from 150 countries growing by 20,000 every week, this substantial, pragmatic, user-led network is well on its way to becoming a global phenomenon.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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