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Task Squad

The UK’s youth recruitment service

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Youth unemployment in the UK is worryingly high and steadily increasing, with one in four 18–25 year olds out of work. Task Squad is a recruitment platform that aims to get young people into short-term paid jobs, using whatever unpaid and volunteering experience they have to secure salaried work. 

Young people who are eligible to work in the UK and have done volunteer work can create a profile with the volunteering charity vInspire, and use that profile to sign up for Task Squad. People who have not volunteered before are encouraged to join vInspire and offer their time in an area relevant to their field – for example, someone interested in accounting might volunteer as a maths mentor. With volunteering hours under their belt they can start using their experience to build a CV – with help from the Task Squad CV builder. 

Task Squad lists job opportunities from employers willing to take on young people with no employment background but relevant transferable skills. The jobs are short term, with wages starting at £8/hour. 

For the employer, hiring a young person means small gaps in the workforce can be quickly and easily filled. For the young person, a foot in the door may end up leading to more work – but even if it doesn’t, the experience gained there will bulk up their CV for future job applications. 

Task Squad was a finalist in the Google Global Impact Challenge in 2013, winning £100,000. With this prize money and a further £50,000 from Nominet Trust, Task Squad was able to move out of beta and is now a fully functioning recruitment agency. 

The service is currently only available in London, and will expand to the rest of the UK in due course.

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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