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Bangalore, where one of the Tactical Technology Collective offices is based.

Tactical Technology Collective

Cutting edge skills for activists in the global south

By Tactical Tech

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Tactical Technology Collective equips human rights advocates working in some of the most repressive, high-risk and marginalised regions with 21st century skills, tools and techniques to help them press for social, environmental and political change. 

The collective is made up of IT specialists, technologists, designers, human rights advocates and environmental justice activists, with offices in Berlin and Bangalore.

The group creates films, toolkits and guides and hosts training and events to improve the security awareness and capacity of human rights defenders, anti-corruption advocates and activists.

The collective’s Evidence and Action programme is designed to strengthen advocacy and campaigns by training activists how to collect, curate and analyse data, and then mobilise around those outputs, so that activists, advocates and journalists in NGOs and civil society organisations can use the most state-of-the-art evidence based campaigning in their work.

In 2009 they joined forces with Front Line Defenders to deliver Security in a Box, a booklet to instruct campaigners on how to protect their computer from malware and hackers and protect sensitive files, showing specific freeware and open-source software tools and with specific section on smartphones. Other tools include a book on data-visualisation, with case studies of 60 visual campaigns, to building campaigners’ critical faculties, and an information activism toolkit, with customised versions for women’s rights campaigners in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Although primarily designed for advocates, especially human rights defenders, in the global south, the toolkits are relevant to everyone – especially those in sensitive areas – such as minorities, independent journalists or whistleblowers, advocates working in environmental justice and anti-corruption.

Image 'Commercial Street, Bangalore' courtesy of MalayalaM

Last updated: 28th of May, 2014

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