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Working together to stop human trafficking across the globe.

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In early 2005, a young man called Phil Lane was working for an outreach organisation called Oasis in Mumbai. The organisation ran day centres for children who wanted to learn and play and who had nowhere else to go. One day, Phil noticed that a particular pair of siblings called Sunni and Vihinni who were frequent visitors at the centre, didn’t show up. Phil went home, and came back to work the following day. No brother, no sister. Eventually, Phil went looking for the youngsters and found their father. He was a homeless alcoholic who lived on the railway platform near to the centre at Thane. He confessed to Phil that a few days prior, he had sold his children into labour to a man for around $20. They were aged seven and nine.

Despite the economic boom in India, levels of absolute poverty are high, as are the devastating illnesses – both mental and physical – that go hand-in-hand with extreme impoverishment. In the neighbourhood where Phil worked, such tragedies are not uncommon, and children frequently disappear: kidnapped, sold, and trafficked into forced labour, adoption, or sexual exploitation. Even human sacrifice.

This story was the genesis of STOP THE TRAFFIK, now a global movement of activists and organisations who work closely with the UN and other international organisations to stop the slave trade.

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime. As an organisation that is spread across the globe and dealing with a distributed, global problem, STOP THE TRAFFIK is only as impactful as it is well networked. Their use of global information system (GIS) technology to map activist activity and analyse trends and data collected from over 1.5 million people is helping them to do this.

Image 'Stop Human Trafficking and Thank You to Supporters Message' courtesy of CrittentonSoCal

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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