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Improving teaching by sharing experiences

By Staffrm Ltd

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Billing itself as 'show and tell for teachers', Staffrm is founded on the evidence that the best way to improve teaching is to increase the amount of sharing of experiences in the classroom. Still in Beta, in its first six months of operation it has attracted a sizeable set of early adopters, who have shared hundreds of short posts with 'lessons learned'.

"I've long been frustrated by the barriers faced in sharing everyday pedagogy. I can push out a tweet on twitter, perhaps with a photo, which gives some idea of what I have been up to, but this is quite light and can disappear. The alternative is to use a blogging platform, with all that entails. I'm excited about Staffrm because it means I can trial something in my class, and at break time, rapidly write it up and share it with others on the fly. Imagine a whole profession constantly sharing their practice, good or bad. How much more progress would we make if we found sharing what we do this easy and enjoyable?"
Stephen Lockyer, Deputy Head Teacher

Last updated: 11th of August, 2014

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