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Cutting back on alcohol with support from a handy app

By British Liver Trust

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Project Twitter: @AppSpruce

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Organisation Twitter: @livertrust

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Developed by the British Liver Trust, Spruce is an app that helps people cut back on alcohol consumption. It encourages users to take three consecutive days off alcohol each week. The organisation's research indicates that this would have a significant impact on liver health, with a wider social benefit of having a healthier population making fewer demands on health services.

According to Andrew Langford, Chief Executive of British Liver Trust: ”Unfortunately liver disease is the fifth biggest killer disease in the UK and alcohol remains the main cause. It is vital that many of us reduce our drinking – taking three consecutive days off a week, and drinking safely when you do, can ensure your liver has the best possible chance of being as healthy as possible. The Spruce app will support many people in a much healthier lifestyle.”

Last updated: 15th of July, 2014

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