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Skin Analytics

Self-monitoring melanomas

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Skin Analytics is an app and web service to map your moles and help you spot and take early preventative action against life-threatening skin cancers. 

Melanoma is a skin cancer of the cells that produce the pigment melanin, which colours skin, hair, eyes, and forms moles. Melanomas start out as new or rapidly changing moles, appearing in adulthood: larger than most, smudgy or irregular edges, uneven in colour.  The disease can spread quickly.

Every 2 minutes a melanoma is diagnosed and every 10 minutes someone dies from the disease. Early detection of a melanoma makes a huge difference in survival rates: 95% chance of 10-year survival, against 10% if detected late. Worldwide survival rates are less than 75% and this is what Skin Analytics is trying to change. 

Skin Analytics, unlike many skin-diagnosing websites and apps based on a single image, monitors infinitesimal changes in your moles’ shape, size, colour and symmetry, running images through an algorithm to correct them for shifts in angle, lighting and focal length to get an accurate comparison with earlier skin uploads. The images build into a visual dashboard of your skin over time, which you can share with a health professional. It also teaches you to look out for the symptoms of a melanoma and get advice. 

‘Most people have numerous benign skin lesions such as moles which occur more commonly with age. It can be challenging to detect changes in them which may occasionally be clinically suspicious and need to be checked by a GP or referred for a dermatology opinion,’ said Dr Fiona Walter, GP and clinical lecturer, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge and Board Member of Skin Analytics. 

Image 'Terry Cordrey undergoes a free skin screening' courtesy of Christiana Care

Last updated: 04th of August, 2014

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