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A pocket molecular sensor for all

By Consumer Physics

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Launched through one of Kickstarter’s most successful ever tech campaigns, SCiO is a handheld spectrometer that reads the chemical make-up of almost anything put in front of it, delivering the results straight to your smartphone. This real-time access to information is made possible by combining proven scanning techniques with the power of cloud processing. The growing ubiquity of cheap, mobile internet access ensures that SCiO will have a worldwide market.

The applications of SCiO in the real world are huge, and address real social challenges. A shopper at any market stall can evaluate the nutritional content of food on display, and make informed choices on the produce they bring home to their family. Medications can be evaluated with SCiO for their chemical content – with the potential to help trained professionals identify trends in fakes in low-income countries, as well as confirm the content of marketed generics.

At home, SCiO can also track the health and growth of your garden, the calorie, carb and protein content of your diet, and allow you to easily share the results to friends or to a personal tracking spreadsheet. The possibilities are limited only by your curiosity.

SCiO was developed by engineers from leading institutions with a mandate to empower people with information. The results of all global scans will be placed into the first ‘database of matter’. This learning tool allows SCiO to present information back that is increasingly relevant and useful.

Filling up the database, along with open app development enabled by the SCiO Development Kit, makes everybody smarter. Join in by visiting the SCiO website and find out more about the world around you.

Image courtesy of tracy ducasse.

Last updated: 13th of August, 2015

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