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Christopher Gray knew he couldn’t afford college in the US – his single mother had lost her job while he was in high school. Undeterred, he spent months poring over thousands of scholarships, at last finding 74 that he qualified for. He applied for all of them, securing $1.3 million in funding by the time he enrolled at college. 

Higher education is prohibitively expensive in the US, and most students end up with serious debt. While scholarships are available, they take time to research and apply for, putting students who have less free time because they have to work, or less help at school or at home, at a disadvantage.

Once Gray was at college he started giving talks and soon realised he could help other students find funding for their studies. Recruiting two tech-savvy friends and securing investment through a high-profile pitch on the business TV show Shark Tank, Gray launched Scholly in 2015. 

A social enterprise centred around an app and a website, Scholly allows students to feed in their details like age, state, gender, ethnicity, major and grade point average (GPA), and then comes up with up to 200 scholarships that the user is qualified to apply for. 

The Scholly team deletes obsolete scholarships and adds new ones as they come up, maintaining a database of between 10,000 and 20,000 scholarships at any given time. 

Over $50 million worth of scholarships have been won through Scholly so far, and while the app costs $0.99 and online access costs $2.99, Gray is also working with non-profits, businesses and schools to provide free access to those who need it the most. Watch this space at

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Last updated: 03rd of October, 2016

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