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Supporting safer communities

By Safetipin

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Violence against women is a very real issue in India. According to statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau in 2014, an average of 92 women are raped in India every day. Indian start-up SafetiPin is working to make the streets safer for women with an app that allows users to be tracked by their loved ones using GPS and mapping technology.

If you are walking through an unfamiliar area and feel suddenly ill at ease, you can activate the tracker feature on your app and alert a friend of your location via a pin on a map. That friend can watch your progress on a map. You can turn off the tracker at any point. If you press the emergency button, your emergency contact will be emailed and messaged, and can take action to come to your aid.

The SafetiPin app also acts as a guide to the level of city safety worldwide with a heatmap that flashes up red in areas considered unsafe for women to be on their own. Users are encouraged to audit areas and give a safety score based on factors such as population density, lighting, male–female ratio, openness and visibility. Users can also notify the app when they are harassed or when they feel unsafe, and this will affect an area’s security rating.

SafetiPin has partnered with taxi network Uber for a pilot in New Delhi, but violence against women is not just a problem in India. Uber plans to tap into its global network to help extend SafetiPin’s reach to other parts of the world and it will soon be available in Bogotá, Colombia and Nairobi, Kenya.

Join the SafetiPin community to make your city safer by downloading the app to your smartphone.

Image courtesy of SafetiPin.

Last updated: 14th of August, 2015

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