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Ripe Near Me

Selling and sharing homegrown food

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RipeNear.Me is a free app to encourage people to buy, barter or scavenge food from local growers and growing sites. 

What started out as a local food-mapping site in Adelaide, Australia in 2013, has quickly grown to plot crops across the USA, Norway, Germany and South East Asia, with 4,000 members and 3,300 produce listings. 

The platform lets people post details of food they’ve grown themselves, in their backyard, window box, or on an allotment, and want to sell; and share information on food they’ve seen growing on public land – in parks, on roadsides, on railway tracks. 

Crops are categorised as ‘growing’ or ‘ripe’ and you can sign up for alerts when the food is ready to be harvested. 

RipeNear.Me’s founders are husband and wife foodies Alistair and Helena Martin who see local food as a way to drive down carbon emissions and costs associated with supermarket food, support local growers, cut food waste and build social capital in communities – by facilitating relationships between neighbours that grow food and those that buy direct from them. They had the idea when on their way to the supermarket to buy citrus fruits they saw trees heavy with the fruit in the suburb where they lived, going uncollected. The site is soon to add multilingual content, and user groups for seed and plant sharing.

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Last updated: 13th of August, 2014

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