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By Realsafe Technologies Ltd

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The UK’s Department of Transport estimates that motorcyclists are three times more likely to be in a fatal accident than any other road user. REALRIDER is a safety app for motorcyclists that alerts the emergency services when a rider is in trouble. It is the only app that is fully integrated into the NHS Control Room network. 

The app’s crash-detection technology uses tilt and rotation sensors built into the user’s smartphone to sense if the motorcyclist has fallen. If a crash is suspected, an alert system is activated. If the rider is unhurt or the activation has happened by mistake, they can cancel the alert. If the alert is not cancelled within 120 seconds, the app sends the rider’s name, medical details, phone number and GPS location to the emergency services. The NHS Control Room will contact the rider, and if there is no response an ambulance will be despatched to find the fallen motorcyclist. 

Aside from the road safety aspect, REALRIDER is also a social app. Members can upload photographs of memorable rides and favourite journeys, advise one another on routes, download maps, tag points of interest and hazards, and store insurance details in a virtual garage. 

REALRIDER was piloted by the North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and has the full support of the NHS. It is currently only available in the UK but there are plans to link the app with European emergency services so that it will be usable across the continent. 

REALRIDER, which won the 2014 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards, has partnered with BMW Motorrad UK, and the motorcycle company is offering a free subscription of the premium service to all customers. 

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. 

Image courtesy of REALRIDER.

Last updated: 14th of October, 2015

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