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Radwende tracks cyclists’ routes through Wiesbaden, a city that recently earned the dubious distinction of being Germany’s least bike-friendly place. 

Lines on the map grow thicker the more frequently people cycle down them, so it gives an immediate visual display, published online, of the places where cycle paths would be most useful, as a tool for city planners. 

The site was designed by creative agency Scholz & Volkmer, who wanted to break the vicious cycle of people not wanting to bike because it’s dangerous, something city planners interpret as a lack of demand. 

The site logged 3,000 rides in its first six weeks, but the agency is actively recruiting partners so more people use the app to give more and better data. They’ve run some more low-fi stunts to grab the attention of city hall – fitting bikes with chalk before setting out on group bike rides to draw guerrilla cycle lanes on the streets they ride along – and will continue to develop the app, seeking ways to reward cyclists with vouchers or discounts at local shops, and share it with other cities. 

‘We focus on Wiesbaden right now, because it's where we live and work,’ they say. ‘But we would be glad if other cities pick it up. A few cities already approached us, and we are also talking to large mobility-suppliers, who would like to integrate the app in their ecosystem.’

Last updated: 13th of August, 2014

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