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Queremos! (We Want!)

Crowdfunds concerts to secure big name bands in Brazil.

By Queremos!

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Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s iconic cities: culturally rich, ethnically diverse, open to the world and teeming with life. But not, it seems, rock concerts. Despite Rio’s reputation, many big-name international acts would not travel to Rio, and from there to the rest of Brazil, because promoters would not take the risk of signing them up. Concert goers in Brazil are famously fickle, often not buying tickets until the last moment. That uncertainty makes life difficult for concert promoters who cannot predict how big an audience the acts they have signed will attract. This risk puts them off bringing in big-name bands.

Queremos! is providing a way through this deadlock, by bringing fans together to crowdfund concerts. By getting the band’s fans to pledge up-front to buy tickets, the risk to the promoter is reduced. The fans provide the seed capital for the event.

Once the promoter proposes the event date and a minimum threshold of commitment is reached, the concert is confirmed. Then tickets go on general sale, although the early supporters of the gig get the best seats. If the event is sold out, the original funders who shouldered most of the risk, get in for free.

Since its inception in 2010, Queremos! has run more than 50 concerts, mainly with international bands and with hardly a hiccup. In spring 2014, international acts such as The xx and Tame Impala are due in Rio, thanks to Queremos! funding. Other acts to have benefited from the platform include Beirut and Lana del Rey.

Queremos! is just one example – GigFunder and Kickstarter are others – of how promoters, fans and bands are using the power of community and culture to enable new forms of shared financing, to make once impossibly risky undertakings possible.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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