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Smart helmets predict and mitigate industry accidents


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Construction, mining and petrochemicals are dangerous industries. We are all familiar with Chile’s rescue operation of 33 miners trapped underground in Copiapó in 2010, which thankfully ended well, but there are many others that go unreported and result in serious injuries and even fatalities. 

Susana Ruiz, a chemical engineer, together with Patricio de Villa, a civil engineer and Iker Arbulu, an engineering student, all believed strongly in the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to address the issue by connecting workers to their line managers through smart wearables.  

The trio founded a company in Mexico called Prysmex, which seeks to equip miners, construction workers and petrochemical workers in dangerous situations with IoT devices that can help alert others to their position and in extreme cases, avert disaster. 

The team is working on a range of wearable products called RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) that are capable of detecting position and environmental conditions, which can be used to predict and mitigate industrial accidents and illnesses, as well as keep track of the workforce’s whereabouts and schedules in unpredictable environments. 

The data collected is stored on a cloud for future prevention programmes, and real-time alerts can help companies manage accident scenarios should they occur.

Prysmex is currently receiving financial support from the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (INADEM) in Mexico, and has completed a prototype for a smart helmet, which serves as a digital canary, detecting dangerous conditions underground. If you’d like to test Prysmex’s technology, get in touch at

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Last updated: 13th of September, 2016

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