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How did an anthropologist’s lengthy observational studies of Sicilian communities end up inspiring the future of participatory democracy in the UK?

Over his years of study the then anthropologist Charles Armstrong realised that the bureaucracy of co-operative-based politics ended up excluding many people who would otherwise be very willing to contribute. In other words, the motivation is there, but in between work, childcare, life admin, and actually taking a moment of down time for yourself, most people simply don’t have the energy or time to take part in running a co-op, even if they believe strongly in the value of it.

One Click Orgs is the solution that Armstrong, now a successful digital media entrepreneur, is developing based on his insights. The London-based social enterprise develops legal frameworks and accompanying software to move the business of governance online. Groups can use One Click Orgs to find for free how to form an association, submit proposals and hold legally binding votes, and manage member administration and agendas. The site also offers systems for use by companies limited by guarantee and co-operatives, the latter a new partnership with Co-operatives UK.

This new development with Co-operatives UK marks a particularly exciting turn for One Click Orgs. Aimed at large and small co-operatives, these new tools have the potential to re-engage the large majority of co-operative members who end up being inactive despite their initial interest in taking part. The tools will also become an automatic record keeper of all activities, meaning transparency and clarity on everything from who has authority to do what, to what the share holdings are, to keeping changes in members up to date. It’s early days, but One Click Orgs is on track to reinvigorate participative democracy across the country – and potentially beyond.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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