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Oceans Project is a purpose-built virtual learning platform that brings science, technology, engineering and maths alive by stirring curiosity about the ocean. 

It had humble beginnings, starting life in 2010 as a small project teaching English as a Foreign Language courses to a single class of students in Tbilisi, Georgia, using the BBC documentary Oceans as bait. 

Four years on, and, following an experiment to put educational resources online, it has 17,000 disadvantaged children in 53 countries, who would otherwise have no access to education, accessing its content. 

The ‘Frog’ learning platform is the technological result, but running alongside it is a phenomenal commitment to row across an ocean every year, to raise funds so the team can equip more potential students with computers, the internet and Frog; and to create content about the sea that will inspire existing learners. 

In 2015, Sarah Weldon, cognitive neuropsychologist, diver, medic, midshipman and Oceans Project founder, will pull out of Henley on Thames in a 23-foot-long, 6-foot-wide rowing boat to row for 12 weeks, non-stop, unassisted, around the 2,000 miles of the British mainland. She will be the first person ever to do so, and will face some of the world’s fastest tides, busiest shipping lanes and unpredictable weather en route. As she rows, students will be able access a huge amount of password-protected and safe material on the journey: there will be an expedition blog, Skype in the classroom lessons, 3D film footage, photos, podcasts, and wearable tech tracking Weldon’s heart rate, muscles, and vital signs in real time. 

Weldon will be following routes the Vikings took 1,000 years ago, and will tell stories about them as she rows, comparing their celestial navigation techniques with her GPS, computerised charts and communications to bring the oceans alive. 

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Last updated: 05th of September, 2014

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