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When Roby Kanner was 19, she decided to transition from male – her sex at birth – to female, in her home town of Portland in Maine, USA. Unfortunately Kanner was unable to find a therapist who understood her condition to prescribe the hormones she needed. 

Trans people can find it extremely difficult to access healthcare. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, almost one in three trans people delayed seeing a doctor due to discrimination, while a 2010 study showed that one in five were refused medical care. Another transgender woman, Amelia Gapin from Jersey City, had a trans friend who was mocked in the Emergency Room at a hospital, instead of being provided with treatment. Sadly, the friend avoided the ER in the future, which led to her death. 

Together with a trans man Kade Clark, an operations manager living in NYC, Kanner and Gapin created an online portal that helps trans people find doctors, therapists, lawyers and crisis counsellors. Launched last year, MyTransHealth provides an online directory featuring more than 450 care providers and related professionals, all of whom have been screened to ensure they have good understanding of trans needs. A user simply searches by categories in medical, legal, mental health and crisis, as well as by location and whether they need an English- or a Spanish-speaking professional.

MyTransHealth currently operates in Miami, New York, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, and is actively sourcing referrals across the United States. They are particularly keen to expand into rural areas in the US, and to eventually build review and recommendation functionality into the website. They are accepting donations at

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Last updated: 13th of September, 2016

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