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Making it easy for social housing tenants to swap their homes

By Viridian Housing

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Two million people currently live in social housing that is the wrong size for them. Even more would like to move due to other life circumstances – a new job, for instance, or to be closer to their children’s schools. Tenants have had the ability to swap housing for some time, but the options to help have so far been sorely lacking.

Enter MoveMaker. Inspired by Tinder, the app allows tenants to register their interest in a house swap, take pictures of their home and list them from within the app, and search through other listings to find housing that’s more appropriate for them. The only proviso is that the landlord has to sign up too – but for the moment there is a 12-month free period for their registration.

MoveMaker has been designed by Viridian Housing, an association providing around 16,000 social houses to over 30,000 residents. The app was created in response to Nesta’s Housing Open Data Challenge, which focuses on using open and community-sourced data to empower individuals and address their housing rental needs. Viridian won the challenge, and released MoveMaker to the world in July 2015.

The pilot real-world usage of MoveMaker is being pioneered by Peabody, the London housing association with over 28,000 homes. Social housing providers that would like to trial the app are also invited to contact Viridian Housing. MoveMaker was made, however, to primarily improve the wellbeing and finances of tenants. It’s simple and easy to sign up, and the Tinder-style interface means that you only chat with another tenant once you’ve both registered interest in each other’s houses.

Take a look at MoveMaker online or through the Apple and Android app stores.

Image courtesy of MoveMaker.

Last updated: 14th of September, 2015

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