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Mine Kafon Drone

Airborne drone can remove land mines

By Mine Kafon

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10 million landmines have been planted in Afghanistan, the country where Massoud Hassani grew up during the Soviet–Afghan War. Worldwide, there are thought to be 100 million land mines as a result of current and past conflicts. Every year, mines kill thousands of people, 79% of whom are innocent civilians. 

Hassani has since re-settled in the Netherlands, where he completed a degree in Industrial Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. He wanted to apply his skills to help remove the millions of landmines still left in his native country. 

He developed the Mine Kafon Drone – an unmanned airborne demining system that uses a three step process to map, detect and detonate land mines. Now his ambitious goal is not only to clear all the land mines in Afghanistan, but to clear all the land mines around the world in less than 10 years.

The project has received an extraordinary amount of support on Kickstarter, raising €70,000 in just one month, and over €177,000 in total. 

If the prototype can be brought to market, the benefits will be huge. Hassani believes that Mine Kafon is up to 120 times cheaper and 20 times faster than current techniques, and since no one is needed to identify and detonate the mines – much safer. Find out more at

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Last updated: 13th of October, 2016

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