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Supporting deaf people with digital technology.

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Today, Google Translate can take you from French to Thai to Afrikaans all through the touchscreen on your phone, massively broadening our ability to communicate with each other and explore new environments. But some are excluded from these benefits.

There are 70 million people in the world whose first language is sign language. About 470,000 people from that global community live in Poland, where an innovative company called Migam is using digital technology as part of a major social inclusion project to support deaf people.

Migam is creating an artificial language through programming that recognises visual signs and can convert them into text or speech. It also works in the reverse way, converting text and speech into sign language by using an animated avatar.

For Migam, this is just the start. The next feature to be built in will allow users themselves to teach the application new signs, supporting the continuing development of the application. And whilst their avatar currently runs through Kinect cameras, they have their eye on a bigger prize: running the application through Google Glass, with instantaneous translation of speech to signs right in a person’s eye line.

Image courtesy of Migam

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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