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MidEast Youth

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Mideast Youth is a network of innovative platforms that promote social justice. The organisation creates platforms and web applications that amplify diverse and progressive voices advocating change. This takes place throughout the Middle East and North Africa using digital media. 

The organisation places a specific focus on access to information, free speech and minority rights. The sites are designed to be tools in the hands of those seeking social change, providing an outlet that bridges the gap between their voice and the world’s attention. Mideast Youth is dedicated to providing powerful content delivered with cutting edge and accessible design, making sure that the message of social change isn’t just told, but also heard.

Mideast Youth also has several platforms focused on building alliances that protect human rights for some of the most vulnerable communities of the Middle East. At their core, all of their projects are about taking the powerful voice of an individual and connecting it to a network so it is heard by the world. By focusing on creating tools and building communities, Mideast Youth contributes to a system of empowerment that can fight oppression no matter what form it takes.

The network was founded in Bahrain in 2006 by Esra’a Al Shafei, and made possible with a growing team of volunteers from across the region. 

Last updated: 15th of May, 2014

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