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While Mexico’s constitution recognises the right to freedom of expression, it can be tough for the country’s citizens to exercise it.   According to an Article 19 report (2014) , since President Enrique Peña Nieto came into power in 2012, intimidation, assaults and killings of journalists have allegedly increased by 80%, with a journalist attacked every 26 hours.

For Free Press Unlimited, the situation was unacceptable. In 2015, the organisation launched the Mexicoleaks site in partnership with eight reputable media outlets including Aristegui News, Animal Political and MasDe131, in order to provide Mexicans with a platform to anonymously and safely step forward with information about corruption and wrongdoing.

Mexicoleaks uses advanced digital security technologies designed exclusively for whistleblowing, so that the identity of the whistleblower is protected.

Users can choose the media partner to submit information to and whether to communicate with a journalist further. The site is clear that it doesn’t accept “rumours, opinions or first-hand accounts”. All submissions are verified, fact checked and reviewed by experienced journalists, who can then decide to investigate further for publication, and prevent leaks of inappropriate or spurious information directly to the media.

Two days after Mexicoleaks launched, a high-profile talk-show host called Carmen Aristegui was fired, alledgedly for defending her team members who were associated with the organisation, further demonstrating the need for independent reporting in Mexico.

Mexicoleaks continues to encourage citizens to come forward with information that their fellow country men and women deserve to know. Find out more at"

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Last updated: 02nd of August, 2016

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