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Democratising access to electric vehicle charging points

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Start-up Meshcrafts was born out of a student enterprise project with founders from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the University of Oslo. The company aims to democratise access to EV (electric vehicle) charging points, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles with minimal hassle, using smartphone apps to access energy with easy payment options.

Meshcrafts plans to roll out their system worldwide, with the first EV charging solutions implemented in Norway. The country is progressive – with one EV for every 100 people – but while there are over 6,500 charging points nationwide, access and payment is a notorious problem. CEO Åsmund Møll Frengstad wants to “make it possible for everyone to buy and sell electricity from each other. We are the only ones building a really intelligent back-end solution for the whole social space.”

This solution includes retrofitting non-‘smart’ charging points, with a product called Smart Point EV. The hardware allows real-time control, and plugs into Meshcrafts’ Smart Charge system. Using the system, EV owners benefit from centralised billing, and charging station operators are secure in the knowledge that they have an optimised delivery, load management and payment structure in place.

The Meshcrafts team is aiming high: they want to support an increase in worldwide EV adoption to 20 million vehicles, because of the reduction in CO2 emissions that this will enable.

Simplifying the process of charging EVs is a vital part of this goal. Meshcrafts’ app therefore routes a driver to the nearest available charging station, based on vehicle type and user preferences set. You can take a look at the app by signing up as a beta-tester – for more information visit the Meshcrafts website.

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Last updated: 22nd of August, 2015

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