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Many of the things that most matter to people in everyday life are not taught in classes at school. It is difficult to find and follow a formal course in, say, home brewing for beer, or training your dog to be obedient. Or how about trying to master the mental mind games involved in playing golf?

MentorMob is a free online learning platform that lets anyone create or take a course on any topic, from academic subjects to how-to guides, from rewiring your house to dancing the Tango. MentorMob allows a learner to create courses – “Learning Playlists” – from existing content anywhere on the web. These can be created by an individual or a group, seeking to learn a skill.

The MentorMob service is in Beta mode, but it’s an idea that has huge potential. It provides an easy way to search for the best learning content anywhere on the web, to quickly provide a guide to a useful skill, whether that is how to meditate or how to make money on the stock market.

MentorMob aims to find, collate and curate the best learning programmes on the web using collaborative filtering and crowdsourcing. It will allow people to create their own Learning Playlists to share with others seeking to follow in their footsteps.

Image 'snowboarding '09' courtesy of Taras Khimchak

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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