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Markets For Good

Improving generating, sharing and acting upon data in the social sector

By Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

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Markets For Good is an effort by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the progressive financial firm Liquidnet to improve the system for generating, sharing and acting upon data and information in the social sector. Their vision is of a social sector powered by information, where interventions are more effective and innovative, where capital flows efficiently to the organisations that are having the greatest impact, and where there is a dynamic culture of continuous learning and development.

For nearly two years, Markets For Good has been a forum for discussion for all those in the social sector looking to create tangible impact. The organisation looks to feature profiles, interviews, best practices, innovative ideas, news from other websites, real-life examples and the opinions of their readers in a joint effort to help the sector make better decisions.

Last updated: 28th of July, 2014

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