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Helping 9,000,000 commuters

By Mobond Consultancy Private Limited

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Every day, nine million commuters take to Mumbai’s public transport system of trains, Metro, monorail and buses. Since 2010 they’ve been able to use an app called m-Indicator, which regularly collects transit data from India’s cities and presents travel information through smartphone and feature phone apps. On Android alone, m-Indicator has over five million installs, with more than 70% of users keeping the app on their device. 

The company behind m-Indicator, Mobond, is now looking to help their user-base of female commuters, in an initiative responding to the disturbing prevalence of harassment on public transport. Launched in January 2015 in conjunction with India’s Railway Minister, the add-on feature to m-Indicator includes three safety features: a manual emergency SMS tool, automatic text messages that are sent after two consecutive missed calls, and a button that immediately summons help from Mumbai’s Railway Protection Force (RPF). In the latter case, m-Indicator sends out tracking messages that enable RPF staff to be waiting at the next available station. 

m-Indicator’s ‘Women Safety’ feature sends text messages out with the user’s approximate location, train information and compartment. Both the manual and automatic emergency options rely solely on the cell network – there’s no need for internet or GPS access, and emergency texts are only prepared and sent out at pre- and user-approved times. 

Adding the capacity to help women travellers to an already-popular app is a key example of using market share for the public good. It’s an application of social technology addressing a real need, so on your next visit to Mumbai be sure to install m-Indicator from any app store, and stay safe.

Image 'still waiting... far away for far too long!' courtesy of Rajarshi MITRA.

Last updated: 11th of October, 2015

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