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Life-saving Instruction For Emergencies (LIFE) project

Helping to address a health crisis with virtual reality games

By Oxford University Innovation

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Project Twitter: @OxUInnovation

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  • Safety & Security
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  • Mobile

470,000 babies die each year in Africa on the day they are born. This figure increases to one million deaths within the first 28 days. The LIFE project directly addresses this avoidable tragedy by using low-cost smartphones to give as many healthcare workers as possible the knowledge they need to provide life-saving treatment to mothers and newborns.

LIFE is a virtual reality game which teaches healthcare providers in Africa how to identify and address emergency health situations during childbirth. The game puts providers in high-stress virtual situations, training them how to tackle the situations comprehensively and calmly. It can also be used as an app for those lacking access to virtual reality headsets.

Last updated: 06th of September, 2016

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