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LearnSprout is an education startup that is trying to help schools extract meaningful data from their unwieldy student information systems.

The venture offers a ‘freemium’ big data analytics service to schools – performing a quick nightly sync of school databases, which show attendance, grades etc, in order to generate rich insights on everything from individuals’ college readiness and risk of dropping out, to historical trends in grades and demographics.

Previously, exporting this sort of data has been too costly and time consuming, especially via clunky traditional file transfers, meaning that after five years, most schools simply mothballed their student records in archives.

LearnSprout has built the software and a dashboard that renders this process genuinely quick and easy, even for non-technical users. It puts no extra processing load on the school information system, which, crucially, is free.

As well as multi-year trend reports, it aggregates records to give a live overview of how many students at each grade are on track, borderline, or off-track for college. It is already in use in 2,000 schools in nine countries, and new compatibility with Infinite Campus SIS could give it access to 20 million more students. Its premium service will launch in 2015. 

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Last updated: 27th of May, 2014

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