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Mark Howell and his father spent years looking after Mark’s grandad as his health was declining from dementia. What the pair found frustrating was how a network of carers who looked after Mark’s grandad didn’t have a holistic view of his day-to-day condition. “We lacked even basic real-time information about his wellbeing,” says Howell. “The effect of poor communication was that small problems could quickly escalate into avoidable crises.”

2.5 million older people currently receive care in their homes in the UK, and the number is set to increase as our population continues to age. Currently carers and family members rely on a hotchpotch of Post-it notes, text messages and phone calls to communicate with each other, which are easy to lose and don’t always reach the right person. Nursing Times reports that while 80% of carers believe that technology could improve their work, only 32% use electronic records. 

Mark and his father David co-founded Konnektis to address the issue. They wanted to build a product that should have existed for the carers that supported Mark’s grandad, and that could help the millions of carers and relatives looking after the elderly today.

The team has built a platform from the bottom up by spending time with care workers, families and those receiving care, while securing support from Bethnal Green Ventures and Nominet Trust. 

They developed simple software that runs on an internet-connected tablet and stays permanently in an older person’s home to be used by every carer and family member looking after their client or relative. This means that every member of the extended care team has relevant and up-to-date information that can help them prevent and address problems. 

Konnektis is now ready to be used and looking for testers. Get in touch

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Last updated: 22nd of August, 2016

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