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Creating personally appropriate learning programmes.

By Knewton Inc.

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Feedback is at the heart of great teaching and learning. As teachers gather feedback on how students are learning, they should be able to adapt how they teach, setting more testing challenges for the more advanced and demanding students, helping those who are struggling to find ways around the obstacles that stand in their way. One reason that teaching is so variable is that this kind of feedback and adaptation is so haphazard. As a result students find themselves being taught in ways they find uninspiring.

Knewton’s mission is to equip providers of learning software and applications with all the tools they need to adapt and personalise their offers. Knewton’s software generates a constant flow of data about how students learn using computers. By analysing and comparing the data from many thousands of students Knewton can then recommend how applications adapt themselves, in real-time, to create a more personally appropriate learning programme.

In 2011, Knewton announced a partnership with Pearson Education to enhance the company's digital content, including the MyLab and Mastering series. It’s used by students in 190 countries.
Tools like Knewton’s offer the possibility of creating both highly digital but highly personalised and adaptive forms of learning, which respond to how students learn, moving at a pace and in a style which suits but also stretches them.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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