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Measuring head impact in contact sports

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The Jolt Sensor is a small clip that can easily attach to any piece of head-worn athletic equipment. Whether the user wears a helmet, a headband, goggles or headgear, it works. The sensor enclosure has a soft, rounded silicone-rubber exterior to prevent injury and is fully waterproofed to stand up to dirt, dust, sweat and rain. It has a multi-week battery life and is rechargeable via a standard micro USB port.

Parents can track their children through the app and grant permissions to other parents that they trust to track their children in the event that they cannot be at a practice or game. And a coach can track their entire team at the same time, while benefitting from the more detailed analytics of the coach dashboard.

When a dangerous impact is detected, a parent or coach is immediately notified that the athlete should be evaluated on the sideline with the app’s built-in cognitive test and concussion symptom checklist. The results of this test, along with the impact data, are contextualised and presented in simple and understandable terms for parents and coaches. 

Last updated: 19th of September, 2014

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