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Interactive maps about environmental changes in the Amazon rainforest

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The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and one of the most bio-diverse areas on our planet. Yet if current rates of deforestation continue, the Amazon rainforest will be completely destroyed by 2260.

InfoAmazonia is an online platform for the collating and sharing of important data and news items relating to the Amazon rainforest, with a view to protecting the fragile forest ecosystem from the scourge of illegal deforestation. Launched in 2012 by journalist Gustavo Faleiras, the project began as a partnership between the Brazilian environmental news agency O Eco and Internews, with support from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network. The maps and publishing system were designed by US company Development Seed.

A network of journalists, news organisations and NGOs from the nine Amazon countries deliver updates on the region, and use the platform to share information and stories about the rainforest. The platform gives them access to a wealth of open data, as well as satellite images, maps and graphics to help them better inform the public on the health of the forest. The public are invited to submit web links to stories about the Amazon, which are pinned on maps and given context with information on such issues as deforestation and forest fires.

Faleiras’ vision is that as InfoAmazonia adds more data and visualisation tools, it will become the chief hub of reliable, local and regional information about the rainforest. With better information, the public will be better placed to hold authorities to task and put pressure on them to make responsible decisions when it comes to the fate of the region. The aim is a noble one that is easy to get behind: to stop and reverse environmental damage to one of the most remarkable rainforests in the world.

InfoAmazonia encourages citizen participation and is inviting visitors to submit their own stories about the Amazon rainforest via the website:

Image courtesy of InfoAmazonia

Last updated: 25th of September, 2015

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