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Help From Home

Helps people fit volunteering into their lives, digitally.

By Help from home

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Thanks to the internet, small things, joined up, can make a huge difference: the 90-second YouTube clip that goes viral, the 140-character tweet that spreads around the world, the Facebook page that starts a social movement. Help from Home is a response to these trends: a way for people to volunteer, designed for the age of Twitter.

Help From Home, a charity based in Cardiff, has compiled what it believes is the largest collection of micro-volunteering opportunities in the UK, taking anything from a minute to half an hour, that people can engage in from their home, classroom or workplace. It helps to lower the barriers to giving, by allowing people to fit volunteering into the rest of their lives by using digital tools.

So if you are a knitter and have half an hour to spare, Help From Home will connect you to a charity that provides woolly hats for the homeless. Or if you have a PC that is often idle you could download free software to make your computer part of a global network to predict earthquakes. If you have around a minute to spare, the site connects you to petitions to sign or shows you how to post a picture of an abandoned animal that needs sanctuary.

International surveys show that Britain is quite a generous country. Yet most giving is concentrated among a relatively small, ageing and affluent civic core. The culture of giving will only be renewed if young people can be encouraged to give, and that probably means making giving a part of daily, digital life. Help From Home is just one model of how that could be possible.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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