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Health Buddy

A device to self-manage chronic conditions at home.

By Bosch

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Long-term, chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and hypertension are the biggest challenges facing the health systems with ageing societies of the developed world. As people age they become prey to multiple, complicated combinations of these conditions. Most people manage their conditions themselves, but when self-management fails people can find themselves in a crisis which leads them to hospital. It costs the NHS more than £5 million a week to treat cases of diabetes that could be managed at home.

So the Holy Grail of modern healthcare is a way to support people with managing long-term conditions more effectively at home, without having to call upon doctors and nurses. The Health Buddy system might just be that.

The Health Buddy is a simple touch-screen device, with four buttons, which can detect vital signs and review symptoms. Each day patients are sent a new session – a set of tasks to complete – to review the state of their health, transmit data to their health providers and learn more about how to manage their condition. The data from each session is uploaded to a Health Buddy computer desktop application, which healthcare providers use to analyse the aggregate data. Patients can follow one of more than 100 health management programmes that reinforce positive behaviours.

The Health Buddy is designed to become a constant companion for people with long-term conditions. It helps to provide them with the advice they need to keep their condition under control, while sending timely data to doctors, so they can intervene before a crisis develops.

The Health Buddy is a way to bring expert healthcare into the home, to allow elderly patients to monitor their own health daily, and in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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