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Charities are thriving at the moment and there are more NGOs and nonprofit organisations than ever before. While these charities are doing stellar work in their various fields, their web presence and grasp of new developments in technology often leaves a lot to be desired. Hiring web developers, graphic designers or social media gurus is costly, so charities tend to focus their resources elsewhere – but the world is changing and the nonprofit sector needs to catch up. 

Hashtag Charity is a platform that links charities in need of tech with IT professionals who want to volunteer their time and specific skills. The service uses LinkedIn profiles to match up volunteers to charities advertising their need: for example an NGO that requires an infographic about the rise in the number of homeless people would be paired up with a graphic designer who might volunteer to do the work over a weekend. The charity gets the benefit of the volunteer’s tech expertise, and the volunteer gets to help out while honing personal skills and adding to their portfolio. 

Hashtag Charity came about when co-founder Jozsef Czapovics, from Hungarian software company Prezi, listened to a TED Talk by a charity founder, and wanted to help. He harnessed the technological prowess of his team of 20 engineers, who delivered a new web solution to the NGO in one day.

So far, 2,496 tech skills have been donated, saving $914,000 for charitable causes and providing help to 210 million people. 

The platform has scored a $250,000 seed investment from Vienna-based Fiedler Capital, and is currently accepting registrations from volunteers and charities via the website

Image 'Girl Using Laptop in park' courtesy of CollegeDegrees360.

Last updated: 09th of October, 2015

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