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Developing open source mobile security software for high-risk situations

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The Guardian Project is a global collective of software developers, designers, advocates, activists and trainers who develop open source mobile security software and operating system enhancements. They also create customised mobile devices to help individuals communicate more freely and protect themselves from intrusion and monitoring. The effort specifically focuses on users who live or work in high-risk situations, and who often face constant surveillance and intrusion attempts into their communication streams.

The Guardian Project was founded by Nathan Freitas in 2009 in New York. Since it was founded, the Guardian Project has developed more than a dozen mobile apps for Android and iOS with over two million downloads and hundreds of thousands of active users. In the last five years the Guardian Project has partnered with prominent open source software projects, activists groups, NGOs, commercial partners and news organisations, to support their mobile security software capabilities.

The Project thinks big and works hard to turn its ideas and dreams into practical useful solutions, available for free, to regular people around the globe.

Last updated: 04th of June, 2014

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