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It was during a bake-off at work that Rachael Halstead discovered her life calling. She took the competition so seriously, that it wasn’t long after that she set up a small business – a boutique bakery in Reading, UK. 

However, like a million other British business owners, Rachael lacked the basic digital skills like online marketing that were needed to make her small business a real success.

While more and more business is conducted online – Google predicts that 90% of jobs will require digital literacy in the future – less than 30% of British SMEs (Small and Medium Sized businesses) have an effective online presence. 

That is why the search engine giant launched its Digital Garage Academy in the UK – a free website that provides tutorials to teach SMEs how to succeed in a world increasingly dominated by online platforms and services. Business owners can find advice on how to use social media or use Google’s free web analytics software to track progress.

What’s more, Digital Garage has partnered with the Tinder Foundation to provide 100 centres for 5,000 community organisations to conduct workshops, where business owners can enhance their digital skills and learn from other participants. 

Digital Garage has helped business owners reach new customers, manage marketing expenses and use data-driven insights to stimulate growth. 88% of those who attended sessions say they changed the way they run or promote their business online. Google goes so far as to say that small companies can grow twice as fast when they have a strong web presence. 

For Rachael, the Digital Garage has been a true game-changer. Her business Rachael’s Kitchen has transformed from a small cake shop in her kitchen, to two stores and an e-commerce business that is hiring year-on-year from within the community.

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Last updated: 22nd of August, 2016

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