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In a medical emergency, the first few minutes are the most important. Basic life support procedures in those initial moments can be vital, but emergency services take on average eight minutes to arrive on the scene, which is often too late. The tragedy is that loss of life can be prevented in many cases by quick access to simple first aid, and a person in trouble could very often have been helped by a trained professional sitting in the café next door if only that off-duty nurse or paramedic had been aware of the need.

GoodSAM is an app that uses smart mapping technology to allow users to see if there is someone nearby who could help in an emergency. If you need assistance, you can alert the app, which will immediately call the emergency services and the three nearest GoodSAM responders. Using GPS and triangulation, your location will be sent to the first available responder, who will be with you as soon as possible – often long before the ambulance arrives.

GoodSAM also has a database of defibrillator locations so that in the case of cardiac arrest, the responder coming to your aid can locate the nearest defibrillator and get to you appropriately equipped. If you are an app user and you find an unlisted defibrillator, you can upload it to the database by sending a photo and descriptions of location and accessibility.

Currently, there is a network of over 5,000 responders worldwide – medical professionals as well as firemen, policemen, teachers, lifeguards and people trained in basic life support – and it is growing by the day. GoodSAM is now being used by London’s Ambulance Service, which alerts the app when they receive a call. Download GoodSAM for free to tap into this life-saving network. 

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Last updated: 29th of June, 2015

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