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App makes it easier to donate to local charities

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British Heart Foundation
Cancer Research UK (@CR_UK)
Oxfam (@Oxfam)
Sue Ryder
The Salvation Army
Willow Wood

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When we donate old clothing to charity, we can never be quite sure whether it ends up in a landfill, or traded for profit. According to Dr Andrew Books, who lectures on development geography at King’s College London, more than 70% of donated UK clothing is sold overseas. 

A new app called Gone for Good makes it much easier to donate your old clothing, furniture, toys and household goods to a local charity, so you know exactly where your donation goes. 

Simply download the free app on Apple Store or Google Play, take a photo of the item or items you want to donate, fill in your contact details and pick a charity from a list of local partners. 

The charity will contact you to confirm collection at a time that suits you, and if you’re a UK resident, you can also add Gift Aid, so your charity gets a bonus donation at no cost to you. You can tell others about your donation on Twitter or Facebook, and so encourage more people to de-clutter and donate to charity.

The team behind Gone for Good specifically want to re-channel 6% of the saleable clothing and other items that currently end up in landfill, and also point out that when a charity knows what to expect from your donation, the chances of the donation being lost or stolen decrease.

Gone for Good has been downloaded 5,000 times on Google Play so far and big-name charities like Oxfam, Salvation Army, Sue Ryder, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Shelter and Scope have already signed up. 

Others have organised charity drives – members of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) have recently raised £1,500 for a variety of charities through the app. Learn more at

Image courtesy of Child Action Northwest

Last updated: 13th of October, 2016

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