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Creating an Uber for those who don't use smartphones

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Project Twitter: @GoGoGrandparent

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GoGoGrandparent is a new rideshare service targeted towards the elderly and others who don't use smartphone technology. 

GoGoGrandparent founder's grandmother saw him using Uber, and told him to create a company for her to do the same without a smartphone. They used Twilio to create an automated phone line. After initially speaking to an operator and giving them your credit card and home address, you just call back and use their automated system, pressing 1 for a pickup at your home. The company hails an Uber, and you just tell your driver where you want to go. If you ever need a pickup at a different location (it will remember where you were dropped off last, so you can request a pickup there), just call the company’s hotline and talk to a real person.

Last updated: 05th of September, 2016

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