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GlobalGiving Storytelling Project

Gathering vital feedback to deliver better aid programmes

By GlobalGiving UK

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GlobalGiving’s Storytelling Project turns thousands of stories gathered from communities into data and actionable insight, so that development projects can quickly and cheaply monitor how effective their work is, and can learn from mistakes or about omissions.

The story-centred learning approach uses digital tools to organises stories into data to show patterns, attitudes and beliefs. It is a tool to let even the smallest grassroots projects, those with small budgets, teams and no formal monitoring and evaluation processes, gather vital feedback to help them deliver better programmes more quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional assessment or monitoring and evaluation exercise.

‘People share their community experiences and add them to an online library. The digital visualisation tools make sense of qualitative data and allow people to continually learn what works, what doesn't from the voices of people who matter most." says Eleanor Harrison, CEO GlobalGiving UK.

Large numbers of locals are trained to collect a handful of stories each, using questionnaires and open-ended questions, which the software analyses. Rockefeller Foundation says they funded the initial pilot project because it could help thousands of small organisations in the sector become more systematic, and ultimately, have more impact.

The main site matches donors with 1,000 grassroots projects around the world allowing people to give directly to global community efforts.

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Last updated: 05th of August, 2014

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